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Coding Summer Camp 2019

Information & Requirements

Website Development with Python & Flask

Website Development Technology 

Your child will be learning HTML / CSS and the industry-utilized programming language Python to develop a Website with the Flask framework. Your child will develop a website by the end of the program with skills able to understand the fundamentals of Web Development with a presentation for all parents at the end.

Program Logistics

Dates & Sessions

The program begins Saturday June 15th and ends August 24th. This is a 10-session weekly program with each session lasting for 2 hours once a week every Saturday. We will be taking July 6th off due to holiday weekend.


The session will take place in a residence in Wilmette near Eden's Plaza every Saturday with your child being in a 5-person group. The time depends on the age group but will take place between Saturday morning and early afternoon. Snacks will be provided. 

Age Groups

There are sessions for two age groups:

4th grade - 7th grade

8th grade - 12th grade

If your child has coding experience, we may place in higher level group. 

Pricing & Payments

Each session consists of 2 hours and program is 60$ per hour. Each weekly session is $120. Total cost of the program is $1200. Payment for card and cash both accepted. Payments per session available and any sessions missed are reimbursed. 

How to Sign Up

You can sign up using form below and we will get on a call to see if your child is best fit for this program. You can also directly email for any further questions.

Sign Up

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